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As a professional in this arena, we are moving ahead by presenting highly advanced and reliable Newspaper Advertisement services. We are backed with a crew of nimble personnel and competent executives who carry out these services in well-organized way within the postulated time. As well, these services are broadly valued amid our customers' for their promptness and flexibility.

Quality is the hallmark of our company, in order to maintain quality standards we are engaged in providing Different Languages Newspaper Advertising Service. These ads are written in Different Languages and provided as per the needs of the customers. We have hired expert writers and professionals for advertising of newspapers in such a way to create awareness amongst the people about which advertisement is done. Besides these, the services we provide are widely demanded for its accuracy and effectiveness.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to Cover all over Punjab and provide Quick and Best Quality of advertising on Newspapers as well as on Radios.

Type of Newspaper Advertising

Classified Ads.
Spotlight Ads.
Business Card Ads.
Circular Ads.
Display Ads.

1. Classified Ads

They are among the types of newspaper ads that are cost-efficient. There are text classifieds and display classifieds. The former ones contain no more than text and numbers. The latter can contain small images in colors. These newspaper advertisements usually occupy a smaller space with just three or four lines and offers equal efficacy. They are meant for the small business owners and consumers as well. Since they run for a particular period of time, they are found to be more effective. The average newspaper advertisement rate for this type in India is around Rs. 2,000 in most newspaper advertising agencies and more.

2. Spotlight Ads

These are the newspaper advertisements that are highlighted in a particular background color. These can be suited to make your ad stand apart from the others. They attract immediate attention and are efficient than the usual classified ads. But they are bit expensive as compared to the former ones.

3. Business Card Ads

They are also among the best newspaper advertisement types and are best suited to improve businesses. These business newspaper advertisements are in the size of a business card or even bigger with thick outer borders. They can be placed anywhere in the newspaper unlike the classifieds newspaper ads where there is a separate section. The newspaper advertisements rates as per most newspaper adverting agencies are around Rs. 5,000 and more based on the place of appearance, number of words and the size of the ad.

4. Circular Ads

These newspaper advertisements are the ones that are not usually printed in the newspaper. They come with the newspaper as separate sheets with the business details. They are printed by a separate party and then inserted along as a newspaper advertisement. You need not pay much to the newspaper advertising agencies too. You only need to pay the printing services.

5. Display Ads

Display ads are the newspaper ads that garner much attention as they occupy a larger space in the newspaper. They can either occupy quarter, half or a full-length page. They can contain as many pictures, words, etc. They are usually meant for creating awareness about a new product in the market. The newspaper advertisement rates can cost much for the business owners to have a display ad in a leading newspaper. The newspaper advertising rate for this type of newspaper advertisements can start from Rs. 6,000 and can increase as per the number of words and area of the newspaper advertisements.

Whatever be the type of newspaper ad, the newspaper advertisement rates can be based on where to be published, the day to be published and the size of the advertisement. It can also depend on the newspaper that you prefer to advertise. They make the newspaper advertisements better than the online advertising.

Newspaper Advertising

Following are the Display Positions that shows the relative size of the most commonly required space size and special positions available in the newspaper. However, many other sizes and shapes are available on Request.

Radio Advertisement

Commercial radio stations make most of their revenue selling "airtime" to Advertising. Of total media expenditures, radio accounts for 6.9%.

There are a few different types of FM radio advertising, which typically rely on different ways for advertising messages to be conveyed over the radio. One of the most common types of advertising on radio is a pre-recorded paid advertisement played between groups of songs. There are also advertisement opportunities in which a disc jockey (DJ) or other radio personality can read an advertisement aloud during a live broadcast or otherwise endorse a particular business. Live events can also be used as forms of FM radio advertising, in which a personality from a radio station makes an appearance at an event, promoting that event during a broadcast and drawing customers.

This type of advertising typically refers to various forms of advertising used on the medium of frequency modulation (FM) radio. Perhaps the most common form of FM radio advertising is the use of pre-recorded commercials that are played over the radio. These are often professionally produced and recorded, and then sent to a radio station for inclusion in commercial breaks. Such advertisements are easy to create and record, but may offer less flexibility for some markets and can become repetitive for listeners.

There are the next types of radio advertisement

Promotional radio advertisement .
Image radio advertisement.
Information radio advertisement.

Information radio spot advertising

Dialogue .

Game commercial jingle

A creative approach to delivering information about the advertised product. It will detect your advertising, among other radio ads.


Music . Used to attract more attention. Often a part of the common culture or a specific promotion strategy commercial sponsorship.

Element of indirect radio advertising

For this purpose the purchase sponsorship packages thematic programs, weather forecasts, news program.

Outdoor Media

We have a multitude of advertising solutions, all of which offer their own unique impact – billboards, walls, bus and rail media, street furniture, specialty signage, digital, mobile billboards, sports media and more – that are sure to fit your needs. Our extensive portfolio coupled with our premier locations offer an unparalleled coverage by market than any other out-of-home media vendor.​

Outdoor advertising works well for promoting your product in specific geographic areas. While billboards, bus benches, and transit advertising can be very effective for the small-business owner, any successful outdoor campaign begins with your own location's signage.

Your outdoor sign is often the first thing a potential customer sees. Your sign should be sufficiently bright and conspicuous to attract attention (without being garish) and sufficiently informative to let prospective customers know what's sold there.

Print Media

The print media is composed of newspapers, community newsletters, wire services, magazines, and other publications. Within these publications, there are two main divisions of labor: reporting and editing. Reporters are the newspaper writers who investigate newsworthy events and interesting stories. Editors assign stories to reporters, edit story content, and decide which stories to print.

The print media is an effective way to alert the public to the Weatherization Assistance Program and its work. Readers often bypass paid advertising, but a story from an independent journalist increases public awareness and builds local credibility. The media reaches a broad audience of readers on a daily basis. Reporters and editors are always looking for interesting, newsworthy stories. Attracting media attention can help expand your influence and name recognition in target communities.

Advertisers can choose from a wide range of different types of newspapers, including local, regional or national titles published in daily, evening, weekly or Sunday editions. Newspapers target different readerships with a mix of content, often including sports, entertainment, business, fashion and politics in addition to local, national or world news. Advertisers can buy different sizes of advertising space, from small classified ads with text only, to display ads featuring text, photographs, illustrations and graphics in sizes up to a full page or even a double-page spread.

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